Octonauts: a great global tv series produced by Silvergate Media

In Italy, thanks to the program on air on Cartoonito since September, with a record audience, it is getting prepared for the toy distribution, through Mattel, which will take place in 2018.

Octonauts is a pre-school TV series of action and adventure, set in an unmistakable underwater world. The protagonists are a team of adventurous little heroes who always save the day. Their adventures are always linked to scientific and realistic elements like marine environments and creatures. In each episode there is a parenthesis dedicated to the teaching of the respect for the planet and the conservation of species. This set of elements make the series a hit for all kids and it is approved by all moms and also loved by their dads.

Octonauts currently features 116 episodes, distributed over four series, has one of the strongest broadcast platforms ever conceived, including Disney in the US, CBeebies in the UK, ABC in Australia, Super RTL in Germany and CCTV in China. Octonauts is also present through on-demand platforms, as Netflix in the United States, in France, Canada and Latin America. In addition to this, Octonauts is having outstanding results also on Youtube where it has recently reached about 1 billion total views on its own channel.

Despite the set target for children from 2 to 5 years, dedicated social profiles also count thousands of active followers to reconfirm the audience’s awerness.

Since its first launch in 2011, Octonauts has always been a leading pre-school property, especially in the United States, Europe, Australia and Korea, where the series has a loyal and well-established fan base.

Despite the results, Silvergate Media is continuing the mission of launching this brand all over the world. In fact the series has just landed in countries like Taiwan, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Poland and now Italy as well. Many other countries will follow in the near future to complete the initial strategy.

To continue to fuel brand growth, Silvergate Media is working with a large network of local partners to introduce new experiences for fans of the series, new shows, new theater tours, movie shows, attractions, fascinating marketing and fantastic product lines that will ensure Octonauts to reach ever-higher heights.

The fifth season is set to launch in 2018 with new characters, new vehicles and new adventures.

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