From Rainbow and its licensees many proposals for a Go.Zy, magical and fabulous return to school!

This year the return to school will be even more Go.Zy, magical and fantastic than ever with the newest backpacks and super cool accessories of Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends, Regal Academy and Winx Club by Giochi Preziosi, Mitama and CR Group.

If the keyword of back to school is Go.Zy, then they can’t be missed backpacks and boxes of Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends by CR Group that this year has made two lines inspired by the tv series: an expandable backpack, comfortable, roomy… ideal to not forget anything at home!

Cr Group has also thought to a Special Line with a super Go.Zy. American backpack, just like those of the exuberant and creative Maggie. A captivating and colorful line cared in all details and very fashionable!

An explosion of colors and fantasy for the School Line Regal Academy by Giochi Preziosi. For all the little girls who cannot do less pink and always be fashionable, just like the ever-enthusiastic and shoe-dependent Cinderella Rose, and who wish backpacks and accessories for a return to school from fable. A complete kit which is impossible to resist! From the newest three wheels Trolley with backrest and padded and reinforced shoulder straps, now even more practical thanks to the mechanism “Stairs no Stop” that facilitates the ascent and the descent from the stairs to the inevitable triple pouch, coordinated with many pens, pencils and markers, up to diary from fable with the beautiful Rose. In addition, together with the backpack-trolley, for young students a super exclusive gadget: The make up mirror with lipgloss, eyeshadow, blush and applicator.

The magic continues with the Winx School Line by Giochi Preziosi. An explosion of colors, glamour and glittering details, which certainly will not disappoint the young fans, for the Multi Extensible backpack with padded and ergonomic shoulder straps, lateral hinges and inner pocket and incredible gadgets which include: the handbag that illuminates for a super magic effect! To complete the collection, there is also the great triple pouch rich of accessories!

Finally, nelkit is essential in the fairies back to school and it can’t miss the set of 12 markers with 2 posters– a perfect furnish for kids bedroom – and the bottle with removable straw, adjustable cord and much more by Mitama: what serves to release the fantasy and realize magical drawings. Ready to start? With the magical Winx fairies, the new school year will be even more exciting!