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Chuggington is back on track!

Chuggington is back on TV on Rai YoYo, every day at 10.50am. The series tells the tale of three trains apprentices: the enthusiastic Wilson, the loyal Bruno and courageous Koko. Every day there is always a new adventure and fun, whilst exploring the town of Chuggington and face new challenges.

With a new target 2-4, Chuggington is experiencing a global revival with a new style, a new web site, new apps to download and a new toy master partner, Jazwares. The toy line of Chuggington debuted in America in February and will be launched throughout the world between 2017 and 2018.

The revival is further supported by a PR campaign and digital advertising, promotional initiatives of television broadcasters and traders, and through the official digital platform of Chuggington, reaching a large slice of the public. The launch of the toy line is scheduled for spring 2018.

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