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Play More: discovering the future is a game!

1 Aug - 2017

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The new digital campaign of Fisher-Price is on air

In the early years of the growth of children to play activities is essential and a primary element. It is precisely through the game that younger kids receive stimulus, exercise their imagination and creativity, develop the intellectual capacity and motor skills, in synthesis is through the game that children learn to grow and become adults. The act itself of the “Play” must be considered as an experience to be essential and indispensable for the formation of both body and mind of the child, for his creative development and socialization.

The choice of the toy for every child is fundamental, each toy must be suited to the age and stage of evolutionary development in progress, must stimulate mental and emotional development. Fisher-Price proposes for years a range of games designed with particular attention to the quality both in terms of “content” that of materials used to stimulate the child in every phase of its growth.

But, according to the experts Fisher-Price, is not only the toy itself to be important. In fact also parents play a fundamental part in the development of the child. Young parents are aware of the importance of the game for their children, know that the game is a vital part in the growth of their child and his psychophysical wellness, always more and more are an integral part of the playful activities of smallers.”

The campaign Play More is a real invitation to parents to play with their own children, so as to discover together, day after day, what are their passions, their nature, which arrangements have to understand what they could love growing up.

The digital campaign winds through 3 emotional videos where are told the story of a dancer, an architect and a writer. We see three characters in a hypothetical future and through a rewind full of emotions we arrive at their present, a present “child” made of games, smiles, creativity and carefree.

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