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Back to school with Barbie, Thomas & Friends and Fireman Sam!

1 Aug - 2017

Mattel brands illustrate all the collections and licensing proposals for planting season F/W 2017!

First on holiday, then in school, always with Barbie!


SunCity offers a special night collection with many colorful and fun outfits. The Barbie Pajamas by SunCity come in lots of fantasies with Barbie as protagonist or together with her friends; in different shades of pink and more!

With aprons by SunCity school is more fun! The aprons are available in different colors, all in pure cotton. Girls can choose between two images of Barbie: a dreamer, the other from the colorful foliage!

SunCity completes the look of the girls with a line of Barbie socks and underwear. The little doll’s fans always will be able to choose among many proposals in Barbie style!

BARBIE BY GUT Barbie Friends collection

The school has never been so much funny thanks to the lines Back to School of Barbie signed by Gut. Barbie Friends is the full line of backpacks, bags, notebooks, diaries depicting the most famous fashion doll with her closest friends! Barbie celebrates the value of friendship in school!

BARBIE BY GUT Barbie Glam collection

School is complete with all accessories to better face the months of schooling. Starring Barbie as always more iconic and fashion for all little girls who are passionate about fashion and style! Polyester fabric with leather inserts.


Fly Group accompanies the girls at school, and in their spare time! Many models, including boots, sneakers and hiking boots to stay abreast of the latest trends and be glamorous like Barbie.


It is a gourmet break on holiday or tea during intermission, Barbie along with Hot Wheels keep you good company! The snacks by Freddi Dolciaria are good and made with the finest quality ingredients to recharge and tackle new challenges!


Barbie by Admiranda takes care of hygiene of all little girls, with many products including: shampoo, gel, shower gel, oral care and original gift set with case or container with the sponge in the shape of more fashion doll ever!

CHOO-CHOO! Big news coming soon for Thomas & Friends! For all children fond of his adventures on rails new designer clothes with SunCity and games and bath products from Admiranda!

The voyage of Thomas & Friends never stops thanks to SunCity licensed products and Admiranda! Suncity as all fans of adventures on rails with comfy pyjamas and aprons school to dream big! Admiranda creates a gift set that includes a shower and dinosaurs to play during bath time. The bathroom shower ultra mild with no factors allergens, contains no parabens, dyes and peg with 95% natural ingredients.

Next cadets! Fireman Sam is waiting to play together his young fans! Sahiler offers a collection of hoodies, tshirts, Tracksuits, underwear and sleepwear from true hero for tackling school each day with the guts to Fireman Sam! Admiranda has created a gift set that includes a shower gel and a perfect rescue vehicle for the extreme bailouts! Fireman Sam Shower Gel is hypoallergenic, without paraben and coloring and ideal for sensitive skin! The rescue helicopter allows children to fantasize great adventures together with hero Sam!

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