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Clementoni launches the new editorial project inspired to Sapientino

31 Jul - 2017

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The Sapientino world of Clementoni arrives for the first time in the books with an exclusive project: four books conceived and modulated depending on the needs of the different target age.

The project fits into the furrow of Clementoni tradition, whose name for over fifty years, is identified with a game idea characterized by the combination of fun and learning through the creation of toys designed to accompany and support children of all ages in their path of growth.

This news comes on the occasion of an important milestone for Clementoni: this year the company celebrates 50 years from the birth of Sapientino, the most popular Italian toy brand, which continues to represent its guiding values, stimulating preschoolers and drain to “learn while playing”. Educational content, modernity, innovation and technological development are the hallmarks of Sapientino: the game has accompanied the growth parents of today, children of yesterday, which continue from adults to rely on a secure brand and always in step with the times.

The collection of four books configures are a natural step on the part of the trade mark, which, strong of its know-how in the toy sector, may propose innovative content in continuity with its own mission, also within the editorial world.

Addressed to children from 2 years old, the line “Books of doing” (6 titles) associates reading with fun and practical sensory activities, inspired by the Montessori principles, which favor the development of psychomotor skills such as concentration, eye-manual coordination and logical capacities. Neuroscientists tests testify that the dexterity is the key of access also to the learning of abstract skills, from the earliest age.

To children from 1 year old is also dedicated the necklace “Piccolibri” (6 titles): educational books characterized by many windows that young readers can open, in order to have fun going to the discovery of sweet characters and nice puppies. The Piccolibri are designed for telling simple stories and to support the youngest in small discoveries of all days.

Two editorial lines are instead designed for pre-schoolers and employ smart devices, in line with the latest trends of didactics. The collection “Librinpiedi” (4 titles) is thus enriched by augmented reality: dialoguing with the tablet or smartphone, the pages of the book come to life and the endless fascination of paper it harmonizes with the magic of digital, so familiar to children of todays. The collection “Pages and pen” (4 titles) consists instead of volumes accompanied by the Sapientino electronic pen, to read and respond to the many fun quiz: just like in the historic game, the pen sounds and lights to each correct answer.

Finally, for school-age children, in collaboration with Focus Junior, Clementoni has realized the necklace to scientific theme “Browse science” (6 titles). Education fun to science, of which the magazine Focus Junior is promoting, is always a flower to the eyelet of the trademark Clementoni – that since the end of the Nineties has created the brand Science&Game, a line of educational games designed to propose in a way that is fun and playful, scientific serious and rigorous contents, to bring children in a natural way and fun to science.

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