Exciting Novelties by Sbabam for this summer

A world of adventures and fantastic games awaits children with #Sbabam!

Play for Fun and socializing. Play to know one each other and learn. Play to grow with a smile. This is to change today and the future of tomorrow. This is #Sbabam!

Here there are some news by Sbabam for summer 2017.

  • Samba

Beautiful colored bracelets to wear. They are soft, plaited and elastic. Measures variables. 36 different colors. Can also be used as anklets or hair elastics for.

  • Rockets

Twelve colored rockets and lights. By pulling the elastic placed on top of the rocket it can be thrown in the air and also can reach 30 meters.

  • Destructor

Twelve ultra-soft clubs that faithfully reproduce the medieval weapons. They are elastic and you can pull and stretch them over 1 meter. Absolutely harmless and fun.

  • Pretty Girl – Plate

A plate and a sauce of various colors to have colored and trendy hair. Simply pour a few drops of color on the sponges of the plate and pass it and drag it between the hair to have a colored hair. To delete the color just wash hair with water and shampoo.

  • Sissi – Rings

Twelve brillantine boxes, heart shaped, with inside 5 beautiful and all different rings. Inside each keeper a ring with the image of the Princess Sissi and another with the image of a character of the TV series and others with flowers, hearts and much more.

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