BrandLoyalty announced the international partnership with Disney EMEA

A three-year agreement that will cover the brands Disney, Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel.

BrandLoyalty, world leader in loyalty programs in food retail, just announced a three-year agreement with Disney EMEA aimed to develop customer loyalty programs in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The partnership which will be operational starting from January 2018, will cover the major Disney brands, as Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel.

A collaboration that further strengthens the relationship between BrandLoyalty and Disney, which has started since 2014, having developed several loyalty promotions for retail signages worldwide. Among Italian best practices, the famous Rollinz campaign of Star Wars with Esselunga retailer and the promotion Marvel Megapopz with Carrefour.

By analyzing the needs of consumers and their habits and their passions, BrandLoyalty (part of Alliance Data System, global leader in programs of loyalty data-driven) designs and manufactures promotional campaigns and loyalty programs aimed at encouraging the sell out. Marketing Projects that, thanks to the deployment of digital platforms such as app and augmented reality, amplify their scope, proving effective in ensuring the best sales performance and engagement of the consumer, up to become phenomena of costume with important ramifications of media. 

“By choosing a brand like Disney for loyalty programs – explains Jasper Rikken, Director of Purchasing of BrandLoyalty “retailers can easily solicit the imagination and the interests of consumers. The new technologies also allow us to amplify the effectiveness of these companions, going beyond the instant win“.

And they show him the stellar results to put a sign by BrandLoyalty in occasion of the Star Wars campaigns with Esselunga, further reinforced by viral repercussions on social phenomena and spontaneous parallel.

Stefano Araldi, General Manager BrandLoyalty Italia

A success surely linked to the strength of Disney brand, the mechanics designed by BrandLoyalty but also to the perfect time to market of this special promotion, planned by intercepting the force of cinematic launch.

A timing that surely we can replicate in the next few years thanks to the new agreement with Disney that will allow us to propose exclusive programs developed with the correct timing,” commented Stefano Araldi – General Manager BrandLoyalty Italy. “To collaborate with Disney has always been a source of great mutual inspiration. The new partnership, signed just this year in which we celebrate the ten years of activity in Italy, there will always be more innovative and effective, consolidating our role as a point of reference in the Italian loyalty market“.

“The agreement with Disney offers major opportunities for both companies in their respective markets of reference – comments Bryan Pearson, President and CEO of LoyaltyOne, a company that is also part of the ADS. On the one hand BrandLoyalty can avail of the planetary notoriety of these brands to make exciting campaigns. On the other hand, by coordinating the time it takes to launch, Disney will benefit from a resonance box with viral relapses as happened in Italy for Star Wars”.