From Quercetti, new toy line by Disney released for next Back to School

Wating for the release of the new Disney animated film, Cars 3, arriving in cinemas in July 2017, Quercetti launches the new magnetic blackboard dedicated to Lightning McQueen & Co.: Small Magnet Cars 3.

Perfect for the youngest, before returning to school, small magnet Cars 3 is a magnetic black-board where to attach the lovable characters of Walt Disney and at the same time doing exercises in writing with the magnetic letters or with the erasable pen included in the game. It will be easy and fun writing the first words or perhaps the names of the characters and live with fantasy their spectacular adventures! It is a game that develops creativity and imagination as well as introduce playfully to writing. Once the game is over, all can be closed in a large basket.

In addition to this version, Quercetti has presents small magnet “Princess”, entirely dedicated to the magical world of Disney princesses.

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