Mattel and Barbie winners at the Toys Awards 2017

4 Jul - 2017

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The categories in which Mattel obtained the prize, organised by the Italian B2B magazine Tutto Giocattoli, are: “Dolls and Fashion Dolls”, where Barbie Fashionistas was in triumph, and “Best New Media Campaign” with You Can Be Anything.

The initiative, aimed at enhancing the commitment of toys companies that have distinguished themselves in the design and implementation of marketing activities, communication and product held during the calendar year 2016, has seen its conclusion in the awards ceremony held last June 20th in Milan. The jury that decreed the winners for the various categories consisted of retail representatives from GD, GDO, GDS and Normal Trade.

The most famous fashion doll and brand than ever, currently in net growth on the Italian market, got a great success during the Toys Awards 2017, fascinating the jury of experts who established the winners. The Barbie Fashionistas were a great innovation in the field of doll: Barbie Fashionistas, launched in 2016, includes three new silhouettes of dolls: high, curvy and diminutive, together with a variety of shades of complexion, hairstyles and clothes. With these innovations, Barbie communicates to all the girls of the infinite possibilities of game and teaches them to create many stories and express their imagination through the doll.

Barbie Fashionistas is a model and an example of inclusion and diversity” says Roberta Suriano, Brand Manger Barbie for Italy. “Barbie, social of cultural icon, is always mirrors of the times; girls can recognize and imagine a future of infinite possibilities. Barbie is the inspiration for the girls to a wider vision and varied beauty“.

You can be Anything campaign wins the Toys Award 2017 in the category of Best New Media Campaign. The video is aimed at parents and adults showing the power of imagination through the game. Barbie is a tool to grow and dream: girls playing with the doll set into motion their desires and aspirations and imagine themselves projected toward the future.

Barbie, through her multiple careers, catch the different segments of game and storytelling, reminding constantly to the girls that they can realize their passions, taking up the way toward a future that best identifies themselves. With this spot Mattel underlines again the purpose of this brand: every girl when she plays with Barbie can imagine to become what she wants most“, tells Suriano.

We are proud and happy that the Toys Awards 2017 has recognized Barbie and Mattel these important awards, toward a product line and an adv campaign, remarking the mission of the company, i.e. to follow the development of all children through the game, imagination and creativity“, concludes Ruth Henriquez Brand Activation Country Lead of Mattel Italy.

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