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27 Jun - 2017

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Kukuxumusu lands in Asia led by the Korean licensing agency Infiniss.

Following its international expansion plan, Kukuxumusu has signed a deal with the licensing agency Infiniss, with headquarters in Seoul. The deal will allow the Spanish brand to commercialise its designs and contents in the Asian country.

Kukuxumusu’s strategy has focused on intensifying its presence in other countries, with the help of local partners. This has been successful in Mexico, as well as in key parts of Europe, such as France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany.

Jason Lee, the managing director of Infiniss, expresses his satisfaction with the deal reached: “We are delighted to introduce Kukuxumusu into Korea. Its fun and peculiar colourful characters packed with humour resonate with Korean consumers. We will develop a broad licensing programme to construct the brand alongside Kukuxumusu.

South Korea, which has a very young population that is highly adept in handling new technologies, is presented as one of the Asian markets with the greatest potential for growth in terms of the fashion industry and entertainment.

It is the country of taekwondo, green tea, kimchi (its signature dish based on fermented cabbage), bamboo forests, electronic device factories, extravagant urban tribes and a population that is permanently connected to the social networks.

Yet without a doubt, one of the phenomena that has emerged from South Korea and spread to the rest of the world, and that has put this country on the emotional map of millions of young people around the planet has been K-pop. An eclectic and experimental music style that was born there, which boldly mixes different styles and throws out daring, colourful and shameless audiovisual proposals. In 2012 it reached world fame thanks to the success of the song interpreted by the South Korean singer and rap artist PSY, “Gangman Style”.

Ricardo Bermejo, the CEO and creative director of Kukuxumusu, is confident about the future of the brand in the Asian continent: “This new step forward strengthens our brand and confirms the universal nature of its language, style and contents. We are backed up by almost thirty years of progress in Spain, and we believe that our brand is now mature enough to be released into the world and to kukuxumise new contexts.

In fact, Kukuxumusu has already collaborated with a Korean firm, Line, the instant messaging service, by designing a collection of stickers, and years earlier, with the Japanese animation studio TMS Entertainment, designing characters for a television series.

South Korea is located in one of the far extremities of China and is just over a thousand kilometres from Japan. As such, South Korea is strongly influenced by its neighbouring Japan, where Kukuxumusu has had a thriving number of followers and clients on its online store for many years now.

We are very excited about this deal, as it lets us get our foot into the Asian market, which will help us expand our presence on a global level. We are extremely pleased to be led by Infiniss, an agency that has achieved successful projects with other international brands that have landed in South Korea, explains Reyes Massa, the International Licensing Manager at Kukuxumusu.

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