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The Mattel Barbie and Hot-Wheels brands bring in summertime with Sweet Club!

1 Jun - 2017

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The freshest fun ice lolly.

The leading brands in casa Mattel, Barbie and Hot-Wheels, together with Sweet Club, classic confectionery company, have created a fresh and tasty snack for children without preservatives and colouring.

The Barbie and Hot-Wheels ice lollies are there for a moment of rest to refresh childrens’ palettes after playing outside and to give a little colour to their summer afternoons. The ready-to-freeze Barbie and Hot-Wheels lollies fit easily in the freezer and can be enjoyed alone or with friends!

Each box contains 10 lollies; orange, lemon, cherry and strawberry flavours, together with a fantastic surprise: bubbles! The summer toy that has always given moments of joy and fun for children of all ages and that can be enjoyed inside or out.

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