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Leading Agency CPLG Falls for “LOVE, DIVINA”

23 May - 2017

Licensing for premium teen daily series kicks off in Europe.

Televisa, Federation Kids & Family and Pol-ka Producciones are pleased to announce a major pan-European agreement with leading licensing Agency CPLG for their premium long-running teen series “LOVE, DIVINA” (60 x 45 min).

Starring TV and pop icon Laura Esquivel (PATITO FEO), “LOVE, DIVINA” is a daily, music themed comedy drama series for teens that offers an exciting range of brand development opportunities, from apparel, stationery and gifts, to publishing, accessories and music. The relationship will see CPLG roll out an extensive licensing plan across Europe and the UK, starting with Italy where the daily series debuted on DeAgostini youth channel, SUPER!

We have seen a huge increase in engagement on the Telenovela format over the past 12 months”, said Rob Spindley, Director of Entertainment, CPLG. “We are confident that teen girls will want to immerse themselves in the fashions and latest looks from the show through our licensing programme as it builds across Europe.

Jeff Symon, Chief Operating Officer of Televisa International, “This relationship is an amazing opportunity to develop and exploit the full power of a brand like “Love, Divina” in Europe, we are very excited about the future of the brand and we are looking forward to a very successful relationship with CPLG”.

David Michel, Managing Director of Federation Kids & Family notes, “As TV sales grow throughout Europe, CPLG, with their varied and creative approach to both brand building and licensing, are the perfect partner for “LOVE, DIVINA”.

Co-produced by Televisa, Pol-ka Producciones and Federation Kids & Family “LOVE, DIVINA” features TV and pop star Laura Esquivel – as well as a steady stream of every teen’s daily essentials: comedy, drama and music! Laura Esquivel came to fame in PATITO FEO, a Televisa co-production broadcast in more than 40 countries, which became a ratings, licensing and music sensation, with an amazing 5 Platinum and 5 Gold albums.

The show tells the story of a kind and conscientious teenager who grew up without a family. With a deep understanding of life on the streets, Divina takes a group of homeless kids under her wing. The mysterious Irene, who turns out to be her long-lost grandmother eager to be close to Divina and atone for past mistakes, takes them all under her Mansion’s roof, saving them from social services. Divina, who secretly dreams of becoming a pop star, lives with her friends, side by side with Irene’s privileged family – including Felipe, the love of Divina’s life – forging fast new friendships alongside bitter new rivalries.

“LOVE, DIVINA” launched on eltrece television in Argentina and BLIM, Televisa OTT platform in México and Latin America in the first semester of 2017, will broadcast Italy´s  channel Super! in and other Televisa’s distribution platforms including Free TV in México.

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