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Simone Fenu from Planeta Junior interview – BLTF17

4 May - 2017

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Planeta Junior also in attendance at the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair 2017 with a dedicated stand.

We met with the Italian country manager for Planeta Junior, Simone Fenu, at this year’s Bologna Licensing Trade Fair. She answered some of our questions about the fair and upcoming news at casa Planeta.

BM: Impressions and results of the latest edition of the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair?

SF: This edition seemed to be fuller from many points of view: potential partners, competitors and initiatives. We really appreciated the new setup of the communal not to mention the rooms dedicated to pitches. Optimum flow of businesses and retailers.

BM: This year the Bologna Licensing Award was instigated and Planeta Junior won the Special Mention for Retail.

SF: The first impression of the award was that it was simple but effective. Recognition of the work that has been involved over the years is always welcome. It is also a way to stimulate our industry and to encourage healthy competition between companies. A great idea, great judgement and we hope that this holds up over the years. The greatest satisfaction was to win the award with Trolls, a franchise that we are continuing to invest in and that has a rich future of content ahead with products that are to be launched on the market along the way. Trolls represents a fundamental brand for Planeta Junior that we will be capitalizing on for the next few years.

BM: Any news for the upcoming spring-summer season?

SF: Miraculous has just been launched on TV with incredible results, we await the back to school season, the launch of the toy range and the first categories of the product. Noddy has also started on Rai Yoyo, for which we have great expectations in the preschool category. The second season of Superwings, which started in March, is continuing to sell out, maintaining the brand’s leading position in the preschool category.

BM: What are we looking at for September?

SF: In September we will see the launch of Zak Storm, action boy from the casa Zag, set in a piratical atmosphere. Baby Heidi, a new branch of the brand, will be supported by a strong new marketing campaign. Voltron will be released on K2 with an incredible push from the whole Giochi Preziosi group. The second season of Dinotrux on Super! that puts forth the genius idea of uniting Dinosaurs and construction vehicles.

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