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Maurizio Distefano eyes Italian licensing campaign for Hamsta World

4 May - 2017

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Prepare for the invasion of Hamsta: a group of cute hamsters with plucky personalities.

Maurizio Distefano and Happy Ink have reached a new agreement for the licensing management in Italy of the popular international brand, Hamsta World.

Starring Cosmo Polly, Mila Sunrise, Mimo Jito, Larry Macchiato, Bob Soda, Cotton Kelly, Cheesy Jake and Blue Barry, Hamsta World introduces a family of plucky hamsters, blending an international mood with an Asian flavour.

The story begins with Saskia Keiser, a young Dutch art director who, when she decided to expand the family, ended up adopting a cute hamster. It wasn’t long before Saskia noticed just how much happiness her new friend had brought to the whole family, falling in love with the hamster’s cute and curious little nose and his funny way of moving.

Inspired by his new companion, Saskia decided to combine her passion for Japanese design with her love of hamsters, creating da Hamsta (from Hamasuta, the Japanese word for hamsters).

Da Hamstas are cute little critters, each characterised by their strong personality and an oriental design that will capture the imagination through their hilarious catch phrases and healthy sense of humour.

Maurizio Distefano, owner and President of the agency, said: “As soon as I met Saskia and da Hamsta brand, I was swept from the office by the positivity of each of the brand’s characters, all created by the pen of this talented Italian-Dutch designerI immediately realised there was a great commercial potential in the world of Italian licensing because this is a cross-brand that, although not supported by an animated series, has a strong appeal to both genders that involves a very large target and endless categories commodityI am sure that the partnership with Happy Ink will bring us a great satisfaction and lots of fun among Italians.”

Saskia Keiser, Executive Creative Director and founder of the Hamsta World brand, commented: “We are very excited to join forces with Maurizio and his team, with his extensive experience and passion for licensing, we feel a 100% match. As a huge fan of Italy I am sure that da Hamstas will conquer many Italian hearts with their common love for food and ‘joie de vivre’. We are happy to join forces with Maurizio to spread da joy and having fun!”

Maurizio Distefano the evolution of Licensing is working in different directions to ensure greater coverage of the licenses in the Italian market, including gifts, household utensils, accessories, clothing, plush toys, back-to-school, stationery, backpacks, food, personal care and many others.

The firm has already received great interest in da Hamsta brand from a number of potential licensees.

With a library of patterns and a wide range of content available to potential partners, Hamsta offers a world of possibilities to licensees.

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