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21 Apr - 2017

Panini Comics presents “There’s space for everyone” in a publishing event by Leo Ortolani and created with the Italian Space Agency in collaboration with the European Space Agency.

Panini Comics presents a brand new publishing event, created with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) with collaboration from the European Space Agency (ESA). The moment has finally arrived to reveal the mysterious project that Leo Ortolani fans have been eagerly waiting for over the past few months. THERE’S SPACE FOR EVERYONE (C’e’ spazio per tutti) is the name of the new graphic novel that the Parma talent has created after The End of Rat Man, the saga that is currently in the process of being published as a bimonthly of the same name. The new volume has been shown in teaser form, previewed for the first time at Romics, the comic fair at the Nuova Fiera di Roma. Leo Ortolani was the surprise guest at a press conference, in which Paolo Nespoli, Italian astronaut veteran, presented “VITA” to the visitors of the Romics fair, his third mission to the International Space Station (ISS) and the mission in which a series of all Italian experiments took place from the field of biomedicine to the science of matter.

The graphic novel by Ortolani comes to life at the ISS during the course of a new mission. Everything is proceeding in the best of ways in the cosmos, until a certain nameless superhero of the City arrives at the station with everything that follows him.

During the most difficult journey that Rat-Man is ever to face, there is sure to be adventure and fun, but the comic itself is far behind: when the Soyuz MS-05 is boarded this summer at the ISS, Paolo Nespoli brings with him a copy of the book as he travels for about six months in space.

Leo Ortolani is set to present the preview of THERE’S SPACE FOR EVERYONE at the COMICON of NAPLES, that is held at the Mostra d’Oltremare from 28th April to 1st May. The author will be present as a guest of Panini Comics during the course of the International Book Fair in Turin, from 18th to 22nd May at Lingotto Fiere. The volume is set for launch in October.

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