Major Sales for “FIND ME IN PARIS”

21 Apr - 2017

ABC, Disney, France Télévisions and VRT snap up premium ballet series shot in Paris Opera House.

Federation Kids & Family are proud to announce a raft of major sales for their premium tween live action series FIND ME IN PARIS (formerly Paris Opera), produced by sister company Cottonwood Media, ZDF, and ZDF Enterprises. ABC Australia, Disney Channel Italy & France, France Télévisions, and VRT Belgium now join commissioning broadcaster ZDF in bringing the live-action series to some of the most important television markets across the globe.

We are genuinely thrilled with these partnerships, we could not ask for better platforms to reach our intended premium viewership,” comments David Michel, President of Cottonwood Media and Head of Federation Kids & Family. “We are also very pleased that the originality of the show’s concept has received such enthusiastic interest – FIND ME IN PARIS has clearly filled a much needed niche in a fun and creative area of the industry.

FIND ME IN PARIS centers on Lena Grisky, a young dancer (and princess) poised to become the next young star of the ballet world in 1905. When her boyfriend Henri gives her an old family necklace, it changes everything. How could he know that it was going to send Lena hurling into the twenty first century?! While a frantic Henri does everything he can to find a way to bring her home, Lena does her best to fit into her new world, and even finds herself enjoying it, loving the fashion, the music, and all the new styles of dance. She makes new friends, including her handsome dance partner Max, who also runs an underground hip hop dance crew.  Lena has no idea what Henri’s going through to bring her home. And he’s not the only one after her – a trio of rogue misfits called the Time Collectors are hot on her trail and after her timepiece. When Henri arrives to take her home and Max asks her to stay, Lena has to make a decision that will alter the course of her life. What life will she choose?

The 11 million-euros series is being produced on location in the iconic streets of Paris, as well as in the world-famous Garnier Opera House. In a unique partnership, the cast will work with the Opera’s own choreographers, ensuring an authentic and unparalleled standard to the focal dance aspect of the show. With its international characters (dancers and time collectorsare from Canada, India, Germany, France, the UK and US), established showrunners Jill Girling & Lori Matter Welch (Creator of Nickelodeon series Ride), and a singularly original concept, FIND ME IN PARIS is poised to deliver some of the most exciting premium content for teen audiences everywhere.

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