A brand new promotion is setting sail, fruit of the partnership between the two companies. Each day, a TrackMaster Thomas the Tank Engine toy is up for grabs and the prize for the grande finale is a family trip to the Leolandia themepark.

Toys make every child happy, but to get the best out of them and make them last it is necessary to choose the correct batteries to ensure not only that they work to their full capacity, but also reduce your carbon footprint. This is the goal with the partnership between VARTA, leader in disposable and rechargeable high performance batteries, torches and battery chargers both for domestic and professional use, and Mattel, global leader in toys.

The collaboration between the two companies has been renewed and, from 1st March. will give life to the competition “Whizz with VARTA” that is giving away a TrackMaster Thomas the Tank Engine toy every single day, based on the protagonist of the famous English children’s TV series.

To enter purchasing a pack of High Energy VARTA Batteries with the Thomas the Tank Engine sticker that holds the unique code, you need only register on the website and insert the code to participate in the competition and win prizes.

It will be possible to choose between a pack of eight, ten or twelve batteries, available in over 1400 stores until 31st July, when the promotion ends. Before 30th August, the winning family will be announced for the final prize: a weekend for two children and two adults to the Leolandia theme park, situated in Capriate San Gervasio (BG).

The line of VARTA High Energy disposable batteries has been created especially for toys and is able to offer the best solution for saving money, guaranteeing immediate and long lasting fun.