Quercetti: the new constructions in cardboard

The first brand in the sector of educational toys, Quercetti, are continuing their journey in the experimentation with new materials.

After the wooden line of toys and the toy proposals that allow children to create their own vegetable garden on their balcony with seeds and soil from the “Green” line, Quercetti has chosen to use recycled cardboard for this edition. A choice that opens up a new thread of toys characterized by the use of recycled eco-friendly materials.

Two lines of toys launched over the past few days:

Pop Outs: animals and characters to construct with ease, without the need for scissors or glue. Printed cardboard that is pre-cut to create the protagonists of a thousand fantastic stories. Once they are assembled, the 3D characters stand up. Many, different and collectable are the creatable characters.

Tecno Puzzle 3D: a new toy to construct sun 3D animals with ease. Each box contains all that is needed to create various animals: Robust shapes in cardboard, screws and washers in plastic. It is also fun to create a funny mixture between animals by interchanging bodies, heads, legs and tails. Standing up in many different poses, they decorate children’s rooms in a lively fashion.

Creative and manual toys in typical Quercetti style, giving free expression of imagination.

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