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22 Mar - 2017

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Benjamin the elephant, Bibi & Tina, Diddl, Worry Eaters, Gelini.

Benjamin the elephant:

40 years of Benjamin Blümchen! An anniversary that is supported by a big media campaign supported by Germany’s No 1 commercial kids and family broadcasting station Super RTL, Germany’s leading kids radio station Radio Teddy, the popular family magazine Familie & Co. Furthermore a movie is scheduled for 2018 with one of the biggest film production company’s in Germany. Moreover 52 new TV episodes are planned to be realized in 2018. New audio books, DVDs and several special products are planned, as well as games and plush toys from Schmidt Spiele.

Biggest licensees: Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese: Benjamin cake, Molkerei Alois Müller: yoghurt, Egmont Ehapa Media: magazine, Nelson Verlag: mini books, Schwager & Steinlein: activity books, Tex-idea: Home & Living, Tex-Ass: Apparel, Jazwares: Playsets, Sound plush, headphones

Bibi & Tina

Bibi and Tina are two enthusiastic, nature loving teenage girls. They are inseparable friends with a passion for horseback riding. Side by side on their horses Amadeus and Sabrina, the two girls solve baffling mysteries, stand up for what’s right and rescue animals in need.

Whether it’s setting a trap for smugglers to free horses or searching for hidden treasures in an underground cave, Bibi and Tina will not hesitate to get involved. And sometimes in an emergency, only Bibi’s powers of witchcraft can save the day.

54 country-life adventures carry children away to the scenic surroundings of Falkenstein Castle where friendship, fairness and justice always triumph in the end.

Almost 6 million fans have seen the 4 movies between 2014 – 2017. Best sold products have been all 4 music soundtracks, 4 audio books, 3 dvds, puzzles by Schmidt Spiele, movie related books by Egmont SchneiderBuch, App by Blue Ocean Verlag

Biggest licensees: Klett Lerntraining (first reader), Panini (guidebook) , Nelson Verlag (friendship book, mini books) Egmont (books), Blue Ocean (magazine), Schwager & Steinlein (cook book), KV&H (wall calendar), Jansen Textil (Apparel), Unilever (tooth paste, tooth brush), Craze (Advent calendar)

Diddl Forever

Everything started more than 20 years ago, more specifically on Diddl’s birthday, August 24, 1990.

Created by Thomas Goletz, Diddl – a jumping mouse – started a nearly unique success story throughout Germany and Europe. Diddl Postcards and notepads were THE trading objects of the 90th. Not only the lovely designs found their way directly into the hearts of the fans, Diddl was also known for its humorous sayings.

Diddl and his friends live in Käsekuchenland (Cheesecakeland), a place where the rocks are made of hard cheese and where everything is just “oki-doki-cheesy-oki” – a nearly perfect world and a little bit of paradise, full of holiday spirit.

Diddl’s greatest wish is that everyone around the world gets along, that Diddlina will love him forever, that the weather is always nice and his cheese supplies never runs out.

Biggest licensees: United Labels AG: stationery, apparel, plush, BULLYLAND AG: 3D figurines, Schwager & Steinlein: books, KV&H: calendar, Panini: friendship book, Egmont Ehapa Media: activity postcards, mypostcard.de: personalized postcards, SAMSUNG/butterfly: smartphone themes


This year, Gelini is also celebrating its birthday. Twenty years ago, Jörg Zahradnicek created the first Gelini bear. Since then they have enjoyed many fans with their positive attitude. 2000, Ravensburger Spieleverlag joined in. More than two million adult puzzles have been sold since then and three new designs are added each year. For its 20th birthday, the fans can now have a say regarding the new picture motive – via social media – from the topic identification to the design. Blue Ocean will publish this summer a unique Gelini kids magazine, containing lots of news about the cuddly bears. And in the near future, the Gelini website and shop appears in a bright and new outfit.

Gerd Hahn’s Worry Eaters/Sorgenfresser

Monster under your bed? Stress at the office? Relax! Your SORGENFRESSER is highly specialized in worry eating. All children have worries or fears. Some are big, some are small, but all of them are very real. Parents do their best to try and help their little ones, but they can’t if they don’t know what the problem is. This is where the SORGENFRESSER come in.

Children can write or draw their problems on a piece of paper, secretly if they prefer, and feed it into the mouth of their favorite SORGENFRESSER. The next step, if needed, involves a parent. With the problem in the mouth of a worry eater, parents have the opportunity to discover the root of the problem. The SORGENFRESSER’S motto is ‘We eat your worries’, and sometimes with just a bit of help, this is exactly what they do!

TV Series in planning:

Format: 26 x 11 min, Procedure: CGI-Animation, Genre: Kid‘s Comedy with Edutainment-Aspects (emotional intelligence),Main Target Audience: Kids aged 4 – 7

Biggest licensees: Schmidt Spiele (plush, stationery, puzzles), Skandika (sleeping bags), Stoffe Hemmers (fabrics), Geda Labels (cutlery), TV Mania (apparel), DUDEN (educational books).

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