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Mega Bloks and Creatubbles for the competition MEGA OPERE!

14 Mar - 2017

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Mega Bloks and Creatubbles together to imagine, create and share.

The First Builders bricks Mega Bloks by Mattel and Creatubbles, the digital platform dedicated to little creators, proceed with their collaboration to spread imagination, educational play and creativity in schools. After the first event at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale in Rome, the Mega Bloks and Creatubbles brands were protagonists of another appointment in Rome at the children’s museum, Explora. For this event the participating teachers learnt all of the ways in which the blocks can be used most effectively to create objects and assist the development of creativity in children. Other than these two activities, the competition that calls attention to entire classes as “mega constructors” is underway.

Mega Bloks gave schools coloured Building Basic bricks, inviting teachers to collaborate with their students to create super-sized objects. All of the creations are shared on the Creatubbles platform and judged successively by a special panel created by Mattel. The project that used the Mega Bloks with the most creativity will win many Mega Bloks for the class.

The competition starts in January 2017 and has already received over 20 classe confirmations, they have received their sack of bricks to start their job and create their own personal Mega Opera. The call to action of the Mega Constructors will last until June 2017 and is is mainly aimed at students up to the first year of primary school.

Creatubbles together with other expert teachers of imagination and creativity, is participating in various workshops to guide children and teachers to the discovery of building. These educational laboratories teach how to put all of the infinite possibilities of creation into play. Teachers and students can learn how to use and get the most out of the products and develop new creative ideas for many fun projects.

Mega Bloks is the Mattel brand that encourages the imagination of children, guiding them through the various stages of growth. The coloured bricks propose different game activities based on the cognitive development of the child as he is stimulated to create new possibilities for interaction with his own hands. Mega Bloks is a useful instrument for schools and teachers to reconcile play with learning.

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