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6 Mar - 2017

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The digital Peppa Pig magazine, collectable figurines with the Gioca&Impara album and the new Mini World series of Peppa Pig.

The Official Peppa Pig Magazine by Centauria has taken off on the App Store in its brand new digital version.

Through narrated stories and fun games, little ones are stimulated to learn numbers and the alphabet, to find missing objects, spot the difference, create sticker scenes, discover shapes and much more, to learn while having fun.

Downloading the app, a new issue of the magazine is out each month, containing a narrated story and 6 interactive games of various types, that are different each time. The app offers a user experience that is appropriate for the preschool target audience and is characterized by graphics that are simple and fun. It is available on all Apple devices (software iOS 9.2 and later versions) and at the moment the first two issues are free with the download. The third issue is available from March.

The new grand Gioca&Impara (Play&Learn) with Peppa Pig sticker album by Gedis is out at newsstands for young fans of the funny little pig.

240 stickers to collect in total to learn and have fun with numbers, the alphabet, the seasons, jobs, sports, animals and much more, all with the perfect mixture of learning and fun that makes the show what it is.

With the new Peppa Pig Mini World series coming out, Gedis proposes 8 fun cassettes to make up fun stories with Peppa and her friends by entering into her fun world.

It is possible to visit the museum, look at fish in the aquarium, go to the theatre and many more places that are seen in the episodes of the cartoon to live out the experiences of the show with many more adventures. Each packet contains a cassette, a 3d character and a fun fan book.

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