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Wildbrain on board to manage MADBALLS YouTube Channel

1 Mar - 2017

American Greetings Entertainment enlists WildBrain to create original content and grow Channel.

American Greetings Entertainment (AGE), the intellectual property and outbound division of American Greetings, has enlisted DHX Media’s WildBrain to manage the Madballs™ YouTube channel, creating original content and growing the audience for the brand. Madballs, the original gross-out brand from the 80s, is back with a brand-new look for entertainment and toys, with collectable foam balls and blind bags on shelves now from Just Play.

WildBrain will launch the Madballs channel today with all-new animated shorts produced by Oddbot Studios, American Greetings and Just Play. Starring six core characters of Skull Face, Oculus, Screamin’ Meemie, Dust Brain, Horn Head and Slobulus, additional new content produced by WildBrain will also employ live action, stop motion and traditional animation. The YouTube channel and content coincide with a launch of new toys at all mass retailers via master toy partner Just Play. More than 30 new-to-the-world Madballs characters in various styles will be introduced throughout 2017 with the plan that these also become characters within future animated content.

No one but the Madballs themselves can own burping and farting in such a hilarious way, which is why we’re glad to give them these cartoons so that they can prove it,” said Sean Gorman, President of AGEThese updated Madballs shorts are an exciting call-back for original fans but also appeal to a new generation of kids (who incidentally also happen to burp and fart just like the rest of us!).

WildBrain Head of Sales, Jon Benoy, added: “We are increasingly seeing toy manufacturers, retailers and brands ramping up their marketing focus on digital platforms. There’s great brand awareness for Madballs, extending back to the 1980s, and we are thrilled at WildBrain to have been selected as the exclusive full-service agency to relaunch the brand on relevant digital platforms for today’s kids.

Visit @Madballs on YouTube today for the debut of gross gags, how-tos and sneak peeks of the upcoming additions to the line of Madballs toys, available now at all major retailers.  

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