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21 Feb - 2017

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Atlantyca Entertainment, in partnership with Edizioni PIEMME, has signed an exclusive agreement with Panini for the creation of a series of publications headed for the newsstands.

They are all set to start out with the comic style magazine and the sticker album, both dedicated to the Geronimo Stilton phenomenon and its linked properties.

The new partnership will take flight on 22nd February 2017 with the launch of the bimonthly magazine and sticker album that are dedicated to the famous mouse journalist. The following releases will include collectable cards and many other products dedicated to Geronimo Stilton, to the Funny Stories, Kingdom of Fantasy, to the animated series and to Tea Sisters.

“For us this is a partnership of great importance: it is the first sticker album dedicated to the Geronimo Stilton publishing phenomenon along with all of the series’ of books. Moreover, the launch at the same time as the magazine will have great resonance with the third season of the Geronimo Stilton animated series, that came out last November” explained Marco Piccinini, Licensing Manager of Atlantyca Entertainment. “The first launch of the official magazine is on the cards for February, along with the sticker album. This demonstrates the trust that Panini has in the brand. The Magazine is a fundamental step in the right direction in the expansion of the licensing programme because it represents a perfect fusion between publishing and the product, seeing as every issue comes with either a toy or Geronimo Stilton merchandise; the magazine will be a new and agile instrument through which children will be able to stay in contact with the Geronimo Stilton world: a new place to enjoy, have fun and to have merchandise and toys at hand”.

The magazine will propose fun games, crosswords, comic strips, fan letters to the famous mouse writer and all of the news about events in the world of Geronimo Stilton. Moreover, each issue comes with a small piece of merchandise that will be particularly appreciated by young fans.

The sticker album will also come in pocket size, with many stickers and surprising effects that are included in the collection. Young fans of Geronimo Stilton can find everything that they could wish for in the album and can enrich their collection dedicated to the director of the Rodent Gazette.

A fine opportunity for a two-tiered license that is made up of toys and publishing products that come with each issue. “The world of Geronimo Stilton is perfect for a magazine and periodical publication, thought up to entertain and let children of all ages have fun. This is the main objective of Panini: to further develop the Geronimo Stilton universe by offering new fun and involvement for all readers” explained Marco Lupi, Publishing and Licensing Director of the Panini Group.

Edizioni PIEMME is responsible for the comics and all of the editorial content, while Atlantyca manages the toys and merchandise, in collaboration with the licensing partners to best coordinate all of the free gift options.

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