A new world full of treasures, emotion and colour: presenting Hanazuki!

16 Feb - 2017

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The first episodes of the Hasbro animated web series, HANAZUKI Full of Treasures, were uploaded to YouTube, teaching freedom of mood and emotional expression.

Prepare yourselves for an emotional trip into space in a new galaxy full of colours and new friends with many surprises for all. This is what can be expected from HANAZUKI Full of Treasures, the first digital animated series ever created by Hasbro; first episodes have been uploaded today onto the YouTube platform. An incredible experience made up of adorable and unforgettable characters, with an exceptional graphic style that expands and grows day after day, a revolutionary crossmedia experience that involves new media techniques with novel entertainment features and interaction with the audience.

The main protagonist is Hanazuki, a young and sweet Moonflower – the people who live on the different and colourful moons of the galaxy in which the series is set. A dark force threatens to destroy these worlds and so HAnazuki will have to embark upon a grand adventure to defend them. During her journey she finds herself having to face numerous difficulties, not very different to those that girls have to face in real life on a day to day basis, as she manages to overcome problems only thanks to her many friends who she meets along the way, such as the curious Little Dreamer, the lazy Sleepy Unicorn and above all the Hemka, small companions of Hanazuki who represent the various emotions and are always ready to help out when faced with any obstacle. With their support, Hanazuki learns the true strength of her emotions and how important it is not to let them overcome her and to always be herself. In this way, she will be able to experience the gleaming treasures to allow the mythical Trees of treasure to be born as they are able to defend the galaxy from the destruction that the terrible Big Bad is planning.

The HANAZUKI Full of Treasures series will be made up of 27 animated episodes of 11 minutes each, and they will be uploaded directly to the web during the course of the year. From today the first 9 episodes are available on YouTube and on the YouTube Kids App, and thanks to these platforms, children can get to know the glaxy of the Moonflowers and the main characters.

Hanazuki will not be limited to the animated series, howeer: it will be possible to interact in many different ways with this fantastic world” children can feel incredible involved in the adventures of the protagonists of the animated cartoon, participate in the treasure hunt through the galaxy and play for hours with a fantastic line of toys and merchandise that is linked to the brand. There will be many surprises to look forward to arriving over the next few months, all linked to HANAZUKI Full of Treasures!

“We couldn’t be happier with the fact that our loved Hanazuki has inspired Hasbro in the creation of the colourful cast of characters to create a brand new world that is unique and dynamic, full of surprises and magic” declared Niko Stumpo and Hanneke Metselaar, artists from Amsterdam who created the base concept of HANAZUKI Full of Treasures. “It has been incredible to see how Hasbro evolved HANAZUKI through the use of a captivating storyline, toys and much more.”

And so the moment has arrived to set off on a fantastic adventure, with new friends, emotions, galaxies and colours, to have fun in a world and learn to accept oneself. All that is left to do is to go to YouTube to enjoy the first 9 episodes of HANAZUKI Full of Treasures, also available on the official website and on the Instagram profile of the web series.

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