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“Safer with Sam!”

15 Feb - 2017

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The new Mattel edutainment experience is finally online!

The new Mattel promoted “Safer with Sam!” edutainment project, with the goal of actively involving children in the understanding of the main risk preventing rules of daily life, is finally online! The digital platform, that is available to everyone, can be found at the educational Scuola Channel and is set out as an educational route for teachers, families and children, with many playful interactive activities to guide children to the discovery of the safety theme in a simple and fun manner.

Protagonist of the project and mediator of all content is Fireman SAM, Mattel character and best loved fireman of children. Sam is entrusted with the role of guiding the whole “Safer with Sam!” project, which uses his example to accompany children in the progressive and active exploration of risks that we face on a day to day basis, getting to know how to spot them and use appropriate behaviour to prevent accidents and protect oneself and others.

The “Safer with Sam!” project was presented for the first time at the ABCD Salone italiano dell’Educazione event in Genoa, proving the idea to be of great interest to the audience that was made up of employees, teachers and educational leaders, not to mention further interest shown from the press.

Mattel has developed the “Safer with Sam!” project aver having conducted research that was commissioned by Doxa Kids, with the goal of analyzing the theme of safety within the early infancy age block. The research clearly highlighted the importance of a safety program for little children and, because it happens to be dedicated to this age group, the positive effect when using a positive model character who is well-known, smiley yet authoritative fit the route of the course.

Drawing inspiration from the research data, Fireman Sam becomes “spokesperson” of the “Safer with Sam!” project, which teaches children the culture of safety via the original educational and fun experience, aimed at children up to the age of the first two years of primary school.

“Safer with SAM!” awaits you online on the Scuola Channel website with a full menu of fun and educational instruments: digital formats such as puzzles, memory games and drag and drop, all characterized by level of difficulty, 3-5 year olds and 6-7 year olds, teaching manuals, parent manuals, and a handbook of rules for prevention.

An educational strategy based on the “learn while playing” idea, mirrored to assist growth from a very young age, the fundamental abilities in the theme of safety and prevention, but also aiming to transmit the value of responsibility, respecting rules and the team spirit.

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