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Studio Bozzetto’s new image

26 Jan - 2017

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Today Studio Bozzetto has a different look. A new logo to renew their image and identity without forgetting the past.

A large letter B coloured in red, with two eyes and a familiar hat, that tells the story of the long road that the Studio have travelled from 1960 to the present day as they look to the future.

It was 1960 when the animator and designer Bruno Bozzetto decided to initiate Studio Bozzetto in the old headquarters at via Melchiorre Gioia in Milan. The same year welcomed the birth of Signor Rossi, a character that became part of the collective Italian imagination in quite a short time. As a character that was recognisable at first glance, he quickly became the “mascot” as he represented the spirit of the Studio.

This is was why Nausicaa dalla TorreGraphic Designer at the Studio and authoress of restyling, chose to pay homage to him indefinitely, taking inspiration for the logo from him to create the new graphics.

The new logo manages to reassume over 50 years of our history with a single letter. Prompt in its simple lines, the logo communicates the type of synthesis that have always characterised us.. Along with my associates, Andrea and Bruno Bozzetto, we chose this as a symbol of a new chapter that sees Studio Bozzetto as a more affirmed reality than it has ever been, not to mention competitive on the international market”, Pietro Pinetti, CEO Studio Bozzetto &Co.

The new graphics will be in use in all communications and in merchandising of the Studio from 2017, the year in which the production company faces new important challenges and adventures, amongst these is the second season of “Topo Tip” and the development of the new 3D series, “Bestaccie”.

To celebrate the occasion, the Studio Bozzetto app, available on iOS and Android, released a Christmas themed update. Framing it with the integrated camera, the new logo that is dressed for the Christmas season will take to life in Augmented Reality, singing a Christmas song under the snow!

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