“LOVE, DIVINA” gets SUPER! sale in Italy

26 Jan - 2017

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Premium Teen Daily Series from Televisa, Pol-ka and Federation Kids & Family Breaks Key European Market.

Televisa, Pol-ka Producciones and Federation Kids & Family are pleased to announce the sale of its new premium long running teen series LOVE, DIVINA (60 x 45 min) to Italy’s Super!. The deal sees the music-themed daily series kick off its international broadcast and licensing strategy in one of the most important European markets for teen content.

LOVE, DIVINA is an epic daily series co-produced by Televisa, Pol-ka Producciones and Federation Kids & Family, starring TV and pop star Laura Esquivel (PATITO FEO). Also a Televisa co-production, PATITO FEO was broadcast in more than 40 countries, including in Italy, where it became a ratings, licensing and music sensation, leading to 5 Platinum and 5 Gold albums.

We are glad to offer to our audience a product like “Love, Divina” and we are also happy to work with partners like Pol-ka Producciones, Federation Kids & Family, and Televisa, who have very good expertise in daily, long running live action series for teens and tweens,” said Massimo Bruno, head of TV channels De Agostini Editore. “At Super!, we are glad to work with a known teen idol like Laura Esquivel; she is a very talented girl, perfect for our channel! Friendship, fun, music, and family are some of the values and themes that our audience will find in this brand news series that we will broadcast on Super! in 2017.

LOVE, DIVINA is a natural sequel to PATITO FEO which De Agostini Editore helped make such a huge success in Southern Europe; we are delighted to be working with them again,” comments David Michel, Managing Director of Federation Kids & Family. “Super! is the perfect place to connect LOVE, DIVINA with its target music-loving audience – including new and established Esquivel fans – and create an exciting new teen brand.

Maca Rotter, Managing Director of Televisa Consumer Products added, “Having the opportunity to work again with a partner like Super! who understands the product and how it engages with the audience, the relevance of the music and interaction with all digital platforms makes the consumer products strategy the key for its success! We already have partners in the market ready to develop the product and with a very strong regional strategy internationally.

DIVINA tells the story of a kind and conscientious teenager who grew up without a family. With a deep understanding of life on the streets, Divina takes a group of homeless kids under her wing. The mysterious Irene, who turns out to be her long lost grandmother eager to be close to Divina and atone for past mistakes, takes them all under her Mansion’s roof, saving them from social services. Divina, who secretly dreams of becoming a pop star, lives with her friends, side by side with Irene’s privileged family – including Felipe, the love of Divina’s life – forging fast new friendships alongside bitter new rivalries.

LOVE, DIVINA will debut on eltrece (Argentina) in January 2017 and Televisa’s digital platform BLIM (Mexico and LatAm) in the first quarter of 2017, followed by broadcast on all Televisa’s other platforms including Free TV (Mexico). European rights are managed by Federation and Televisa, and ROW by Televisa.

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