Tribe launches the usb keys of the “SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY” saga

Porg, Han Solo e Chewbacca.

Tribe, a retail brand of Maikii, a leading company for design, production and distribution of accessories related to consumer electronics, expands the 16 GB USB cable collection dedicated to Star Wars, introducing the most representative characters of the eighth film of the saga “The last Jedi “: Porg, Chewbacca and Han Solo.

Among the novelties we find the Porg, the cute and bizarre characters presented in the last episode of the saga: small furry penguins inspired by the puffin of marecon large eyes similar to those of a pug. They are curious creatures that are the background to the narration of the film and often intrude between the characters: their favorite “victim” is Chewbacca, the irreplaceable co-pilot of Han Solo, together they dominated the hyperspace on the legendary Millennium Falcon. The friendship that binds Han, the anti-hero of the Galaxy and the cornerstone of the Resistance, and the wookie of incomprehensible language makes them the true most beautiful couple in the galaxy.

The true admirers of the saga can thus choose which character to rely on to save their data: in addition to having great personality these USB sticks are indeed equipped with a memory chip of excellent quality, to combine fun with functionality and technology.

The Tribe proposals are on sale at, at Amazon and at the best retailers of consumer electronics, stationery, gifts and concepts.

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