“Atchoo!”, a brand new animated tv serie for these summer holidays

In TV premiere from Wednesday 27 June, every day at 9.05 am on Rai Gulp, a Rai Ragazzi group Channel.

What will Teo turn into next time? Children will discover by following the adventures of Atchoo!, A new all-Italian animated series about a 9-year-old boy with a particular characteristic: when he feels a strong emotion he sneezes and turns into an animal! But failing to control his sneezing and not even predict which animal will turn into, Teo will often get into trouble.

Designed and co-produced by Cartobaleno, the first TV series born from the creativity of the small animation studio in Mugello, together with Rai Ragazzi, Studio Campedelli, based in Milan, and the Indian Cosmos, the Atchoo! series has already conquered Spain, the United States, Latin America, China and India.

A comedy series, animated in 2D and directed by Andrea Castellani, with drawings by Mattia Francesco Laviosa, who, in a cheerful and entertaining way, teaches how to exploit the difficulties into advantages and that each person is extraordinary in his own way.

Teodoro Green, for his friends Teo, is a nice 9-year-old boy who has shown a curious and inexplicable characteristic since he was born: when he gets emotional he sneezes and turns into an animal. Doctors, scientists and great luminaries visited him, but no one has ever been able to explain the origin of this sneezing: Teo is as healthy and strong like a lion. It’s just special and different from everyone else, but there’s nothing to worry about.

After a sneeze, Teo immediately takes the characteristics of the animal in which it has been transformed, while maintaining its personality … In short, one could say that it is like having a superpower! Unfortunately no … because it is impossible for Teo to foresee, control or retain sneezing and, moreover, he unfailingly transforms himself into the animal that is less suited to the situation, often ending up in messes. Sometimes Teo must also deal with the instinct of the animal in which it is transformed … almost more uncontrollable than its sneezing.

Fortunately, Teo always manages to get out of trouble, thanks to Peter and Flo, his two best friends: Peter, cheerful, calm and optimistic, and Flo, an animal expert and ready to provide useful advice. Between comic twists and absurd situations, Teo and his friends will have to face the typical situations of all the children of their age: insecurities, fears, heartbeats.

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