For kids of all ages: follow the bets, take part in the competition and win an unforgettable night.

Thanks to a co-operation born in 2012 between Nickelodeon, Italy, and Aquarium of Genoa, the project One Night at the Aquarium with Spongebob is an incredible opportunity that Nickelodeon offers to his lucky viewers.

The lucky winners have the opportunity to spend a night in a picturesque scenery of the Aquarium of Genoa, in the fantastic Spongebob branded theme chamber, set in the tunnel in front of the dolphin tub. An incredible experience mainly for families with children, but also for groups of friends who want to experience this experience in a sort of “Pijama Party”. In addition winners can also visit with a guide all over the structure of the Aquarium of Genoa and discover the secrets of the sea.

A unique opportunity dedicated to the most famous and loving sea sponge ever. The competition started on September 11 and will end in April 2018 with the latest nights available until May 2018.