Kids, family and preschool: the targets for the RaiCom portfolio for 2018.

Pumpkin Report

This is a tv series, which comprises of 52 episodes of 11 minutes each, that is aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 10. The show began airing with Rai Gulp in January 2017 and it has Max Gree, a boy who lives a rather chilled life with his parents in Cucurtown, as its protagonist. It is all quite tranquil until he discovers that his adopted brother and sister are really aliens from the pumpkin planet Kemii-lar, and they have been sent to Earth as spies to plan an alien invasion. When Max begins to speak of the story of the aliens, trouble starts to follow him.

The tv series is an adventure comedy produced by Motion Pictures, Sample, Young Jump Animation Studio and Rai Fiction.


Another protagonist tv series on Rai Gulp is a mixture of live action and is in co-production with AB Productions. It is aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 12 and a family target.

Snow, the protagonist, is a bubbly and funny 10 year old girl. One day, she finds seven boxes in her home, that contain the Seven Dwarves – in animated cartoon. They break into her life, creating fun disarray as they defend her from dangers of daily life as she knows it. Snow discovers that she is the great great great granddaughter of Snow White herself!

Giulio Coniglio

One of the main titles in the Autumn season for Rai YoYo, Giulio Coniglio was born by the pencil of Nicoletta Costa. Published since 2000 by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, it has finally become a tv series thanks to Zodiak Active, Rai Fiction and Agogo.

Giulio is a little rabbit that represents the peculiarities in a child’s world. This is the reason why children can identify with him and love the show. His adventures are always for the little ones to relate to. He lives each day with a new experience, from which he always has something to learn, just like a child.

Paf the Dog

Another important title for Rai Yoyo, Paf The Dog is the adaption of the videogame of international success “Space Dog”.

Even though he is small in size, with a nose for a game, Paf is a real hero. He is the protagonist of fantastic adventures, where he runs to help his dearest friends and his owner, Lola. He doesn’t hesitate to construct genial gadgets with which he dives straight into action, making up plans that are fun and bizarre.

The tv series is produced by Superprod and Animoka in collaboration with Toon Factory, Grid, téléTOON, Canal + Family and Rai Fiction; it is aimed at the kids 4-10 years target and is made up of 78 episodes of 7 minutes each.