The official Doraemon magazine is in newsstands from 6th June.

It is round, blue and greedy… it’s a space cat! After the huge TV success, the official Doraemon magazine is launched!

Founded in 1969 on the pages of the Japanese CoroCoro Comic by the imagination of the Fujiko Fujio suo (the same authors of Carletto, prince of monsters), Doraemon was the protagonist of three animated tv series’ and numerous movies, not to mention video games. Other than the comics and animated cartoons, toys and various types of merchandise also contributed to the increasing popularity of Doraemon, making him one of the most famous Japanese pop culture icons in the world.

Doraemon is a robot cat from the future, sent by the great grandchild of Nobita Nobi to our time to improve his life and make him a better person. With the use of many gadgets called “ciusky, contained in a four-dimensional pocket called the “Anywhere Door” Doraemon lives thousands of adventures with Nobita and his friends.

In the official magazine that has been created by Panini, readers can relive the adventures of the funny feline of the future who, together with Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and the many other characters of the series. They will uncover all about the ciusky, learn English in a fun way, read many fun things about Japan and solve puzzles. In the first issue, the recipe for dorayaki, the cat’s favourite food, can be found along with a space gadget as a free gift: a blue kopter for imagination to fly!

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