Bologna Licensing Trade Fair 2017: Rai Com

Rai Com at BLTF with Seven&Me, Pumpkin Report, The Jungle Bunch, Julio Bunny.

Among the various Rai Com properties presented this year there are:

Children from 6 to 10 years

  • Pumpkin Report aired from January 2017. Max Gree lived a carefree life with his loving parents in the quiet Cucurtown until he discovers that his adopted brother and sister are actually aliens from the planet pumpkin Kemii-lar, sent to get information on human in order to occupy the Earth. But when Max begins to talk about the aliens, his popularity fades and is considered a bit weird.
  • Seven & Me is the story of a girl called Snow for her clear skin tone, a descendant of Snow White and Prince Charming. At 12 she discovers 7 troublemaker little Angels living in her attic. Tales are actually true stories…

Children from 4 to 10 years

  • The Jungle Bunch describes the adventures of a penguin called Maurice, ended up in the jungle and raised by a loving tiger. Maurice believes to be a tiger and wants to fight injustice in the jungle with his colorful animal friends.


  • Julio Bunny, Julio is a shy and timid rabbit, designed by the famous author Nicoletta Costa. Children are invited to get to know Julio and his friends as they experience new things in a unique and whimsical.
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